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I run a licensed architectural firm that offers services from initial design consultations to contract administration during construction.  I can walk you the "A to Z" of design and construction, or can tailor the services for your particular needs.  Here is a list of the standard phases of a project:


Programming and site analysis

A project's story begins with the client's desires.  I assist the client in developing a list of spatial requirements, functional needs, the aesthetic direction for the design and a reasonable budget.  I document the existing conditions of the building and site, and outline municipal planning requirements when relevant to the project.


Schematic Design

I carefully analyze the client's particular requirements, aesthetic sensibilities and parameters of the existing site and building, and create a unique design solution.  I employ 3-dimensional modeling software that depicts the general form and massing of the spaces and building.  The design shows how the spaces relate to each other functionally as well as how the spaces relate to the site and existing surroundings.


Design Development

The design is refined, incorporating changes to the project requirements and feedback from the client.  The design is taken to the next level and detailed to include precise dimensions and sizes of spaces, location of openings and doors and a general ideas of materials, colours and textures.


Interior and Exterior Details and Product Selection
This phase is a continuation of the design development process.  Materials and products are selected and shown in 3 dimensional views of the spaces and building.  Details for interior finishes, cabinetry and fixtures and exterior finishes are thought out and elaborated.
Construction Documents
Incorporating any further changes to the design, I produce the final construction drawings, specifications and building assemblies.  These documents are then used to obtain the necessary approvals from the municipality and other approval bodies, and will establish the basis of the contract with the building contractor.
Pricing and Tendering

I can assist the client in obtaining tenders from potential contractors and assist in reviewing the final bids and selecting the contractor for the project.


Contract and Construction Administration
I provide feedback and clarification to the contractor on the design and construction documents, helping to problem-solve the inevitable site issues that crop up.  I also review the work to ensure what is built is in general conformance with the construction documents, and assess and certify the contractor's payments requests.
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