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Randall Residence
Carport + Front Entry


An exterior renovation of the front entry  and the addition of a carport at a small 50's bungalow in Alta Vista.

We added a carport for a second car, and replaced the small and crumbling front steps with expansive concrete platforms and stairs.  A feature concrete wall was designed adjacent the front entry and showcases wood board texture achieved with recycled old wood boards in the concrete form-work.

The aim was to minimize structural changes and use simple materials to keep costs under control.  The carport structure remains separate from the rest of the building, leaving the garage and house-structure intact.  The slope and overall shape of the roof was designed to match the existing garage roof slope.  The steps, feature-wall and patio were all poured in concrete.  Due to the wrap-around design, no guards were required, keeping the construction more straightforward and the aesthetic minimal.

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