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Architecture at its' best is responsive and responsible.  It has the potential to enhance our quality of life.  Not only can it beautify and elevate our surroundings, it can also bring us closer together as community and in balance with our natural and built environment.


Every project has a unique story, every client has different desires, spatial requirements, and a different budget.  Every site and every building has distinct qualities.  Using a combination of technical expertise, experience with innovation and creativity, I work towards turning my client's desires into physical reality, into spaces that maximize the efficiency and aesthetics of their surroundings, within their budget.


Design is a collaborative process.  I respond to my clients' wants, needs and work very closely with them to ensure the design addresses the context and the budget we are working with.  When required I coordinate work with qualified professional consultants such as engineers, surveyors, urban planners and interior designers drawing their expertise into the process.




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